Twitter Bots 3: Keeping your bot alive

Once a Twitter bot has been configured, it has to stay running in order to stay alive. And for that, it needs a server. When I was debugging my bot, I was running it off of my computer and got notifications of activity in my terminal. This works if I want my bot to only be active when I am active, but I want my bot to be available all day and night!

The most logical way to do that would be to deploy my bot’s code to a Heroku instance. It’s free and super easy, especially if you already have a good grasp on git workflows. Basically you just have to…

git init
git add .
git commit -m "BOTS"


heroku create
git push heroku master

That’s it! That is it. Actually, that is not it, because I had to log onto the heroku web interface and adjust the Dynos worker to 1 instead of 0.

‘heroku page’

But after that, my bot was again operational and back to her normal (myself) self.