Twitter Bots 4: MAD SCIENCE

My twitter bot was born on the same day as my BFF (bot-ferverent friend) Athena’s bot. In fact, we live together and were both working on our bots on the same night in different places because I was still at Flatiron and she was at home, and we didn’t realize until our bots were nearly launched that we had both been working on the same project (and probably could have finished more quickly, as I was having trouble with something she had solved and she was having trouble with something I had solved). Pair programming is important! Anyway… since we are both bot-obsessed and I like data experiments as well as science experiments, I asked Athena for her bot’s model file, which is json-formatted data of all of her tweets. I plugged her json data into a file with all of my json data and merged them together using the “ebooks consume” data-mixer that comes with the twitter_ebooks gem. Shortly after that, I had spawned a new daughter-bot, @ashthena_ebooks, which is a combination of both of our tweets. Right now, this bot is a little biased towards my tweets, since I have a lot more than she did, but I hope to condense and mix that data up a bit more in the future, to produce weirder results.