Breaking it down

When I started at the Flatiron School in June, I told myself I was going to blog about my feelings and what I was learning every week. EVERY week. Then, when I graduated and inevitably had not written a single blog post about how it was going, I said I was gonna write a big ol’ jumbo blog post about the whole twelve weeks and everything I learned and how amazing it was.

Anyway, I graduated a month ago and there is still no e-novella.

This covers two important lessons in programming:

  1. Don’t get into code debt. If I had worked a little bit at a time towards my goal, I would have a weekly summary of what I was learning and doing while at Flatiron. But to speak to the other side of code debt: not writing about my experience was a bummer, but I was definitely spending it learning how to be a better programmer, which was the higher priority at the time, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

  2. Break problems down into smaller problems. Since I wasn’t a diligent blogger, I wanted to just write one big post about Flatiron. But that’s such a large task! There’s SO much I want to cover, so where would I even begin? The most important advice I have to regularly give myself is to break problems down into smaller problems, otherwise I potentially get overwhelmed and not know where to start, which would result in just never starting.

Anyway, I hope to get those blog posts out in the world soon. If you are reading this because you are doing some cyber-research on the Flatiron School and are thinking of applying, do not hesitate for one second to get in touch! I love talking about it. I just haven’t had the time to sit down and really blog it out.