Minimum Viable Station Documentation: Recipes

Last month I created and posted about a Minimum Viable Station document. There was such an overwhelming and positive response to this doc! I’m really so happy to see it expand into such a wealth of expert advice. However, I don’t want newbies to feel overwhelmed at the size of this document. I want anybody, at any level, to be able to set up their own digitization system within the constraints of their financial situation, space, and time. Also, this existing doc doesn’t get down into the nitty-gritty details of how much a setup would cost (which is going to vary dramatically, even when confined to ‘recipes’, as you’ll se below), which is important when planning any project (especially when you have to ask other people to spend money, or have to raise it yourself).

So I made a recipes document!

Minimum Viable Station round two! Let’s do this! Does your institution have a setup you’d recommend to others, or have you done this work for grant-seeking or internal-financing purposes? Please contribute your specs! Do you see something wrong? Please leave a comment in (either of) the document(s)!