Weeks 9, 10, 11 at Recurse Center

Where did I go? As mentioned in the last post, I definitely started to fall off the blogging wagon in this last quarter of Recurse Center, which (after a lot of reflection have concluded) is for a few reasons, and here they are:

To embellish on the last two topics: Well, what have I been doing? I’ve been trying to do what makes me happy and following that, although waffling around a bit since I’ve been feeling a bit tired-and-uninspired in terms of building new things.

But what makes me happy?

I spent a lot of last week working in-and-with QCTools, reading up on shaders, setting up Python environments, switching from bash to fish, reading about interchange formats and raw data, and sort of generally/genuinely doing all the things that I was doing before RC in my recreational time. I fought against this a lot because I was trying to not work on things that are job-adjacent, but it turns out what I do for a living is what makes me happy. Which was also causing a lot of stress, because as people interested in digital preservation and archives know, it is hard to do this for a living, and there are many more qualified people than there are positions, especially positions that are not low-pay and temporary – but that’s a different post altogether.

It’s one of those things where it’s an epiphany that I have been doing what makes me happy all along, and I’m super grateful that I get to continue doing that, but it’s kind of an anticlimactic end to such a robust adventure: “To be happy and feel fulfilled in my life, just … keep doing what I’ve been doing???!” is less exciting than “explore this newfound obsession with RUST” or whatever.

It’s good to feel this way, even if it’s also strange to feel this way: “Am I really just itching to go back to work?”

But even still: Can’t wait to see what my final week holds!