Color picking for the web

Recently, I was in the market for a new color scheme, which means I had to think about things like branding, how colors work together, and, most importantly, how the colors work well together on the web, on a website.

I’m starting to think I’m not very good with colors. I feel like I understand the theory, and maybe I understand colors in the context of, say, painting, or a specific mark (see: the handful of logos I’ve designed). But picking out a color scheme that works well as part of a website isn’t the same as picking colors the vibe well together, there’s so many other factors to consider!

Anyway, this isn’t a philosophical blog post, this is mostly a list of links. Here are some things I’ve used.

Oh, and one more bonus! For my last few projects, I’ve worked with Tailwind and they have a nice, flexible palette with ranges to choose from, so that makes things easy.