Halt and Catch Fire Syllabus

Class 14 - Browser // Dawn of the mosaic-eating monster


RFC as koan

Emulator as koan




Episodes: - S4E7 “Who Needs a Guy” [cw: death], S4E8 “Goodwill”, S4E9 “Search”

Earlier episodes feature characters working to develop their own browser, but for the most part, the series stays out of this industry while focusing on web search. But the fight over becoming the dominant software for web browsing was an intense one, with its own tumultuous and dramatic history. This time period involves the rise of Mosaic, sort of a “World War I” a few years before the all-out brawl between Internet Explorer, Netscape, and everyone else. And they’ve been religious wars, bigger than just browsers. They involved the altruistic fight for software freedoms versus free market capitalism, and signifying more than just visuals and methods of rendering CSS.

Similar to Search, we now have a very small Browser ecosystem, with Google Chromium dominating the market and powering not just Chrome, but other browsers and desktop applications.